Family History Form

Since 1875, Maple Grove Cemetery has been honored by many fine families as the final resting place for their loved ones. To preserve this rich history, we are compiling a database of information on all of the individuals buried here.  This database will be available to families conducting genealogical research and to historical scholars.  We are hoping that you will participate by completing this questionnaire.

Please take the time to fill this out and return it to Maple Grove and we will include your loved one’s history.  If you have photos or documents we would arrange to copy them and return the originals to you.  You can either drop this off at the office or mail it in the attached self-addressed envelope.

"All contact information will remain confidential. The information about the deceased will be posted as part of our Maple Grove History (Stories) Project . You will be notified if any questions arise by distant relatives and/or researchers. "

Thank you for becoming involved in this exciting project.



Name of Loved One
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Family History:
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Please return to:

Maple Grove Historian

Maple Grove Cemetery

127-15 Kew Gardens Road

Kew Gardens, NY 11415

(718) 544-3600      

For further information and submission of historical documents contact: