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This book is part of the well known “Images of America” series published by Arcadia. Written by Nancy Cataldi, president of the Richmond Hill Historical Society  and Maple Grove's historian, and Carl Ballenas, Richmond Hill historian and school teacher, the book covers the history of Maple Grove Cemetery from its inception to the present. It contains more than 200 photographs and text tracking the 130-year history of the cemetery, which is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

 The first chapter, "Creation of a Historic Cemetery" presents the early cemetery history through antique photographs and copies of early manuscripts, maps and letters. Most of these items are newly discovered and never seen before. The second chapter, titled  "Memorials and Aesthetic Beauty", showcases some of the lovely monuments and sections of the cemetery with beautiful photographs taken by Nancy Cataldi. It also describes the different types of monuments and the symbols used on them.

 "The Remarkable Dash Between Life and Death" tells the life stories of individuals buried at Maple Grove Cemetery - some well known in the world, and others forgotten. These stories presented are those of authors, musicians, missionaries, civil rights activists, and artists as well as everyday people. For example, “The Bluebird of Mulberry Bend”, Songstress Lavern Baker, 111-year old former slave, Millie Tunnell, movie director Irving Rapper and many others are featured.

 The last chapter - “Today's Community Spirit" - details the re-emergence of the cemetery as part of the community and offers a view of more recent events and new growth at Maple Grove Cemetery. This chapter gives us a view of the cemetery’s involvement in making a difference in the neighborhood through partnerships with local groups.

 This complete and informative book illustrates the historical significance of Maple Grove Cemetery. You will soon be able to order the book online. BUT, if you can’t wait, click here to find out how to purchase the book now by phone, mail or in person.


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